Our guarantees

Our guarantees

Our Guarantees
LOVZA has been offering comprehensive assistance in videogames and a set of services that players need the most for many years. Throughout our history, we’ve proven ourselves as high-class specialists, ready to accomplish any task, no matter the difficulty. We are trusted by 1000 clients, because we have vast experience with the most popular games – World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, and others. Since day one, our service has been helping thousands of customers around the world. Our specialists know all intricacies of the system’s functioning and provide quality consultations and support.
High service quality
• The company has a convenient schedule and functions from 10 a.m. to 02 a.m. Moscow time, 7 days a week.
• Our attentive operators are ready to answer all your questions every day for 16 hours straight.
• The firm works quickly and efficiently, meeting all deadlines and fulfilling all promises.
• Admission and processing of orders is completed as fast as possible.
• All reviews posted by our customers are 100% real and legitimate.
Account safety
• We have notable experience in gaming.
• We have custom-designed methods for interacting with clients.
• We have mastered even the most complicated profile boosting processes.
If a player follows our safety regulations, he/she can expect for absolute protection from bans. It’ll be provided by our administrative-and-managerial personnel.
Following the rules and principles of boosting
While working with our customers and partners, we never use bots, gameplay vulnerabilities, or dishonest, controversial tricks. In addition, we consider unacceptable using illegally acquired funds, personal information of customers (if it’s not required for order processing), contacts of clients to send out spam emails.
When interacting with customers, we always use the following elements:
• Professional players, who are masters in their respective fields, assist in immediate order accomplishment and simple completion of tasks.
• VPN-secured connections, encryption protocols for camouflaging our work (this approach allows for complex protection of customers’ personal data).
• Rational, efficient, and transparent ways of achieving the needed results.
Wide choice of payment options
• Visa/ MasterCard
• Unitpay
• PayPal
• Yandex.Money
• Qiwi
• Bank account
• And many more options
Payment return possibility
If any mistakes occur during payment processing, or other unforeseen situations arise, we’ll return your money. Refunds are also possible under the following circumstances:
• Mismatch of the service’s results with your expectations (due to objective reasons);
• A refund request before the delivery deadlines expire (under circumstances beyond control of the sides)
Money is refunded through operators or by email.

Recommendations from satisfied customers
Our client base includes thousands of players who have achieved real results thanks to our assistance.

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