Powerleveling 1-60

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    Traditionally, this service includes the following options:

    • character upgrading from Level 1 to Level 60;
    • providing the character with the equipment that is given out upon passing the tasks of the quest;
    • all procedures are performed strictly by hand without the use of bots and automated programs;
    • deadlines are agreed upon in advance and strictly observed.

    Additional Options:

    1) it is relevant for those who do not want to spend precious time on achieving the desired level;
    2) upgrading is accomplished within one hour from the moment the service is paid, i.e. everything happens quickly enough and leads to the desired result;
    3) it can be performed in different ways in the form of quests, dungeons, according to the user’s preferences;
    4) the required way should be indicated at the very beginning;
    5) you can expect to receive additional discounts;
    6) experts work at any time that is convenient for the client.

    Note! We do not recommend you to visit your account during the boost. You can clarify any questions if you contact the manager!


    The security of your account is a priority for us!

    In order to ensure the greatest security for your account, we require that your account is linked to your mobile phone number.

    We employ professional gamers who are experts in what they do. All the employees who work in our staff are subject to strong internal testing as well as probationary periods. As a result, only professional gamers from the top clans and guilds are involved in our staff.

    We use secure VPN connections to conceal activities on your account.

    You can always get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service because of objective reasons or in cases of payment by mistake, as well as in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    Lovza.net values its reputation and positive customer attitude.


    To get the service you need to leave a request and wait for the manager to contact you and specify the details as well as provide consultations regarding any matter. After that you will only have to wait for the work to be done and get the desired result! Some of the services may require that you have a premium account and a reserve stock of gold and silver. NOTE:

    Do not log into your account while the service is being provided.
    Do not contact the performer during work!

Whats talking about Lovza.NET


What about safety and confidentiality?

We guarantee full protection of your account information. We take all possible steps to secure you from account bans and any other issues that may arise after purchasing boosting services. Our providers utilize VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology. Thanks to it, the system can’t track your and our IP addresses, which leads to 100% security guarantee for your account.

Safe payments / Personal information safety

With Lovza.net, you can be assured that your personal information won’t be exposed to anyone – not even our operators. We use groundbreaking technologies (such as Secure Sockets Layer protocol) in safe payments industry to protect your personal data. We would never ask for your credit card information, because all this data is processed by our system directly. What’s more, 3D-Secure technology provides you with additional layer of protection when purchasing online! We offer automated reception of funds and wide choice of payment methods!

Refund policy

When dealing with Lovza.net, you can be assured that you can always return your money if you aren’t satisfied with the service’s execution due to objective reasons, in case of misprocessed payment, or unforeseen circumstances.